Biomass Projects

WestGen is developing a major biomass project in the lower south west of WA, and when completed it will deliver clean power to the grid using residue waste from plantation timber to fuel the power station. In this project, WestGen is partnering US power company National Power, which has successfully developed a large number of renewable power projects in Australia and around the world.

Key Project Benefits

The biomass project provides environmental benefits in two main ways:

– it uses only plantation timber waste, not native timber – the plantation timber provides a carbon sink on what was previously cleared land; and

– it utilizes waste residue from plantation timber after it is harvested, which otherwise would be burned or left on the floor to decompose and release carbon dioxide or methane.

The power station will provide renewable energy to the grid, helping WA meet its target of 20% of all grid connected energy being supplied from renewable sources by 2020.

WestGen is also examining a number of other opportunities for biomass projects in the south west of the State using residue plantation timber.